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Letter to the Editor: We need to learn from past flooding and take smart action

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To the editor, 

On Sept. 13, we saw flash flooding across the Midstate like we haven’t seen since the 2010 flood.

Creeks were overflowing, roads were flooded and some buildings had standing water in them. Near where I live in Spring Hill, the police had to close down Old Kedron Road.

I saw reports that part of Interstate 24 had to be shut down from the amount of water flowing over it.

We should have learned from the 2010 flood and implemented policies to mitigate against this flooding. 

At the county level, we can work to help families move out of areas that frequently flood. Their homes, livelihoods and lives won’t be at risk any longer.

We can also invest in higher quality infrastructure that can better withstand flooding. New forms of asphalt are designed to deal with heavier rainfalls and can prevent the large runoff of water into streams already inundated with water.

With more resilient roads, taxpayers won’t have to foot the bill for continually repairing and repaving washed out roads. This work can be supported by our elected officials at the state level who can put a greater emphasis on resilience when it comes to planning and infrastructure.

We need to remember the devastation of the 2010 flood, and the recent flooding was a small reminder of what can happen if we don’t invest and prepare for the future. 


Ashlynn Peters

Spring Hill

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