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Letter to the Editor: Casada has embarrassed county and should resign

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To the editor,

Once again, Williamson County has been embarrassed and ill-served by one of its representatives in the General Assembly. This time by a man who holds the third-highest elected position in our state government. 

Speaker of the House Glen Casada has not only condoned but participated in the objectification and degradation of women while utilizing taxpayer time, money and resources for his reprehensible personal interaction with Cade Cothren, his chief of staff. 

What has been publicly disclosed and printed by the press directly from Cothren’s and Casada’s text messages is disgusting. One can only imagine what additional misogynistic activities go on at other times in other places while they should be working for us.

Williamson County is a conservative, powerful county. The voters here routinely elect their representatives with 70-plus percent of the total vote. We have more elected officials in positions of power on the state and national level than any other county in the state. In the past couple of years, we have now twice been humiliated by the on-the-job behavior of the men we elected to represent us. 

Though this story is only days old, it seems that all of the public outrage is pointed at the chief of staff. However, we all know that the very first time Cothren exhibited his repugnant behavior to Casada, the speaker could have put a stop to it. He, however, chose to chuckle, encourage and participate in it. This poor example of his leadership leaves his entire character and fitness for office in question.

So, I submit it to you, residents of this county: Is this the man we want representing us and our community in state government, to other residents of Tennessee and to the nation? I think not, and I hope that others will speak out, and speak out loudly and forcefully, and urge Casada to resign. 

Pat McAfee


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