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Letter to the Editor: Ed Wagner’s letter was spot on

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To the Editor, 

Though Ed Wagner and I may have had some differences in opinion in the past, that’s what a free society is all about. This is to give him massive kudos for his letter to the editor on Dec. 23.  

If you haven’t read it, find it and read it again. It is a superb summary of something that should not be happening in Williamson County, nor elsewhere. His major points are: 

1. School board candidates will be running under what political party they belong to. What? Nobody can be elected to anything in this county, unless they are a Republican, anyway. 

2. The goal should be the same for every district — students are provided an excellent education, along with support for teachers and administrators.  

3. Public education is the foundation of this country! No one should be on the school board who fosters dissension in Williamson County, nor any place else in the nation.  

4. Teachers with math, science and computer/technology cannot afford to take a teaching job due to the meager pay afforded for such training. 

5. Do not overlook the critical need for vocational training, because there is a shortage of skilled labor. College is not for everyone, and we don't need generations growing up who don’t know which end of a screwdriver works on a screw.  

6. Keep the political beliefs at the door, because THEY HAVE NO PLACE IN QUALITY EDUCATION.

Bob Coleman 


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The left-wing American communist school board members sure do get nervous when their hold is threatened. Their most prized possession is the ability to teach your kids to hate you, themselves, and their country. Friends, it's time to take it back. Run for every school board. Then make sure YOUR values are taught.

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