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Letter to the Editor: I need help understanding 2 things

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To the Editor, 

I just read two things in the Herald of Nov. 18 that I need some help understanding.  

The first involves the selection of books that are in school libraries. The article stated that the “live feed” of the school board meeting was cut because “whatever they were going to say was offensive.” I assume that they might have read excerpts from the books that were in the library. Please, please explain to me the logic that the material in the books was OK for our children to read, but we can’t let it be heard publicly because “we are broadcasting under FCC guidelines.” If it’s inappropriate for the public’s ears, shouldn’t it be inappropriate for our children’s eyes? I heard a broadcast about some books that were in a school library in Virginia that were basically pornographic. Is this OK? 

On another note, there was an article about businesses hiring in Williamson County. It stated that “Williamson County ranks 37th in the top 100 counties nationwide for average weekly wages ($1,562).” If this figure is correct and my math is correct (I was a math teacher for 22 years), then that amounts to $81,224. This is a hefty amount for “weekly” wages, which I would assume excludes individuals that are salaried. 

My conclusion: it’s sometimes hard to figure out the strange world we are living in. 

Randy Johnson 

Spring Hill

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