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Letter to the Editor: Lizzy Box Foundation seeks local support for diabetics

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Dear editor,

My name is Taliba St. Catherine, founder of The Lizzy Box Foundation. 

Established in 2019, The Lizzy Box Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, provides diabetic supplies, including CGM sensors, insulin pump accessories, insulin pen needles, patches, test strips, glucose monitors, resource material and much more, for Type I diabetics. 

Our emergency box is designed to reduce the anxiety and stress people feel due to lack of resources. When your medical insurance says no, The Lizzy Box says yes!

I created this box for people like you and me who have loved ones diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. My daughter Lizzy was diagnosed in December of 2015 when she was just 23 months old. I was 7½ months’ pregnant with my son at the time, with severe preeclampsia, hormones raging and not knowing what was to come. Lizzy had all the symptoms and I had no idea what Type 1 diabetes was or what to look for. 

Lizzy was in the ICU for a week and in the hospital a total of two weeks. Lizzy’s bravery helped us maintain our sanity throughout this entire ordeal. 

We’ve been fighting the good fight for four years now, and during these years, we’ve run into roadblocks, such as running out of supplies or the medical distributor wouldn’t ship for a week or two because of insurance policies.

There were times the insurance company would send letters about drastic changes to her policy and it would take us through a whirlwind of emotions, sleepless nights and lots of money. We found these times to be very difficult and challenging. There was always a gap in the middle when our supplies didn’t arrive. I couldn’t stand it anymore.

It was then, I thought: How many other households are going through this? How can I try to fix this? That’s when The Lizzy Box Foundation was born. The Lizzy Box will provide us all the necessary tools to keep us calm during emergencies and laps of insurance coverage.

Now we are advocating for a cure and raising funds to provide these boxes to the local community and eventually the entire nation. 

We are looking for financial support, contributions and sponsors for the organization. Please contact us at 615-378-5900 or We look forward to fighting this fight together.

Our boxes will be donated to the endocrinology department at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, Franklin Pediatrics Associates and applicants via our website,

Taliba St. Catherine


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