I read William Carter’s commentary from Oct. 1.  I am shocked that The Herald would print one person referring to another in such a manner.  Are there no editorial limits?  I underlined 25 words or phrases in my paper that were insensitive, derogatory, or inflammatory.

Here are just a few of them:  incompetent fool, unworthy, borderline illiterate, petulant baby-man, embarrassing, odious human being, gutless elected Republicans, authoritarian rule, wannabe dictator, his own interests at heart, mocks the service and sacrifice, demands adulation, greatest assaults on the soul of America, burning down this great country.

Shame on you for printing this!  People like Mr. Carter will talk about unifying the country and then talk in language that is as divisive as it gets.  And for the third time in a commentary in the paper, I have been called a name I don’t appreciate: befuddled folk.  Twice Mr. Carter states that “I just don’t get it”.  Then JUST DON’T WRITE IT!.  You are exhibiting the same rhetoric you are decrying.

You have an opinion.  I have an opinion.  Calling other people names makes things worse and solves nothing.

Randy Johnson

Spring Hill, TN


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