To the editor,

I read the July 28 article on the decision to change our Franklin High School mascot and, like some, I’m extremely disappointed in both the poor process and the decision. 

One has to wonder if you and Jason may even try to make this oligarchical decision retroactive. LOL! Today, those who are celebrating this decision are spiking the football and proclaiming their next victims in their quest to destroy our history, our sense of community and our community icons! 

These symbols should serve one purpose, and that is to remember history, so that we never, ever repeat it. But, when they win, our society is stripped of these symbols, and the possibility of repeating some of our woeful history is real, just remember that you played a part in their schemes.

But, more to the point, how can anyone believe this particular process was fair or even democratic? While it may not have been promoted as such, it is truly a shame, yet more likely a sham! The secretive nature of the committee, its members and its discussions are suspect and the antithesis of open governance. 

Shame on you, Jason Golden and the members of this secret committee for participation in such a travesty. What mascot will be next? Patriots? Eagles? Spartans? The hard truth is that there will be more!

Given the firestorm of public opinion I’ve seen against this action, I wonder if you and Jason will lose the public trust that you have taken for granted. But even if it does not cause any loss of that trust, in the end, these types of decisions will only serve to divide us. Ironic, given the false claim from some that removing these historical figures will unite us. The reality is that the exact opposite is true!

I and my family of four children, my mother and father, many of my uncles and aunts and many of my friends both Black and white, will always be Rebels and that, my friend, is something the oligarchy can never take away.

Go Rebels!

Victor F. Andrews


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