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Letter to the Editor: Putting my support behind Hanson

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To the Editor, 

Early voting for the city of Franklin alderman election is now underway, and the board of mayor and aldermen will soon have three new ward aldermen and one new alderman at-large.  

If you follow the BOMA meetings on television, Facebook or in person, you will know that there are major issues in the pipeline regarding infrastructure, growth and housing developments, along with others. Aldermen Dana McLendon and Margaret Martin, who are retiring, brought years of experience and continued learning to BOMA. There will be no time for those elected for the first time to “get up to speed.” They must bring experience and a willingness to work untiringly in a part-time position, for which many citizens expect 24/7 service.  

The political atmosphere of today, combined with the economic issues created by the pandemic, have severely segmented our city and county. BOMA positions are non-partisan. An alderman, whether elected to a specific ward or an at-large seat, represents ALL of the citizens of Franklin and must weigh each vote as to what will be the best decision for the citizens.  

I chaired three of the four alderman at-large campaigns of Pearl Bransford, whose Seat C was vacated by her death last year. Pearl searched for and tried to mentor several individuals for Seat C in 2019, but no one stepped up. Pearl, an African American, represented ALL of the citizens of Franklin, whether they were rich or poor, lived in mansions or were homeless, were born here or came from another state or country. She was proud of Franklin and shared its story with people across the globe. Pearl didn’t see color.  

I am supporting Gabrielle Hanson for the seat previously held by Pearl. Gabrielle was a supporter of Pearl and brings to the position knowledge, vision and a willingness to listen. I have voted for Gabrielle and ask that you also consider voting for her.  

Cornelia Holland  


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