Letter to the Editor: Ruling against ESA a win for county schools

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To the editor:

Chancellor Martin’s decision to rule against the Educational Savings Account (ESA) Act is a win for Williamson County Schools. The unconstitutional ESA program, which would allow students in Davidson and Shelby counties to use a state-funded voucher to leave a public school to attend a private school on the taxpayers’ dime, applies to only two counties, but it would have painful effects for Williamson County schools by diverting funds from public schools to private schools. 

For now, Williamson County taxpayers don’t have to worry about their tax dollars supporting private schools elsewhere in Tennessee. Governor Lee’s promise to appeal the decision, however, highlights an urgent need for Williamson County: an advocate for public schools. 

As a proud public school alumna, teacher and FSSD parent, I know the transformative power of public education. Williamson County public schools are some of the best in the state and, indeed, the country. Williamson County students deserve an elected leader who will honor their hard work by protecting the public schools that give them the tools to attend the best universities in the world. I am running to be that advocate as District 63 representative in the Tennessee House of Representatives. 

As State Representative for District 63, I will work to protect our public schools by opposing any further voucher programs, influence by special interests and unnecessary government overreach. Students, teachers and families in public schools must know their state leaders will protect our most valuable assets: students and schools.

Elizabeth Madeira


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