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Letter to the Editor: Stop the nonsense: Need for ID is not voter suppression

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To the editor,

There are usually two sides to an issue. According to Lucas Boyd, in his latest commentary, anyone with a position that does not align with his is “medieval” or “illogical.” Here goes the name-calling, again.  

I do agree with him that there was probably not enough evidence to overturn the 2020 election. However, I can’t ignore the hundreds of complaints filed by poll watchers and others accompanied by sworn affidavits. Or the video from Georgia of poll workers pulling boxes of ballots from under a table after observers had left.  Or the Pennsylvania governor unconstitutionally bypassing the state legislature.  Or the mass mailing of ballots.  

If all these weren’t fraudulent, they at least gave the appearance.

IDs are required to drive a car, fly in a plane and purchase beer. Why not to vote? Is this suppression?  

There is an important distinction between absentee voting and mail-in ballots.  Absentee voters had to have a reason and request a ballot. In some states, mail-in ballots were sent to anyone and everyone. 

Was there fraud here? Maybe not. But at least there is the perception that there could have been.

And then Boyd has the heart-string pull for the “poor, the elderly, minorities.” 

I see plenty of poor people and minorities driving and buying beer. They must have an ID.  

Elderly can request an absentee ballot. If voting is important, it can be done.  People in other countries walk miles and stand in line for hours to vote.  

I was in the DMV one day when a blind woman came in for a license. No, not to drive, but for an ID.  

Try voting in China. That is suppression! 

Stop making excuses and stop calling names.

Randy Johnson

Spring Hill

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