Letter to the Editor: Voting process is one convoluted mess

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To the editor,

My wife, Carolyn, and I voted early yesterday. 

We made our two-block trek to the administrative complex mid-morning. There was no line to vote. As a matter of fact, we were the only ones in the voting area at the time. 

The workers were most cordial and helpful, but what a shock we had when we voted. What a convoluted mess we endured to place our votes.

Who is responsible for such a sorry, expensive mess? Is there any wonder why people are avoiding the voting booth?

Mind you, each booth has its own printer to print out your vote. Then you take the printout to another location and deposit it. Then you take the bottom tear-off to another slot for deposit. What utter chaos you will experience when time comes for a general election. 

My advice to the election commission: Get this mess fixed and soon!

Frank Andrews


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