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Letter to the Editor: With twisted loyalty, it’s clear US Rep. Green should resign

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To the editor,

On Jan 6, at the instigation of President Trump, a mob of his supporters attempted to stop the certification of the electoral college, kidnap and/or murder the vice president and overturn the 2020 election.

While doing so, they ransacked the U.S. Capitol, seized sensitive government property and bludgeoned a Capitol police officer to death with a fire extinguisher. And later that evening, fully aware of what had taken place, U.S. Rep. Mark Green agreed with the mob and voted against the certification. 

Since then, the congressman has spoken publicly only to say that he opposes violence and to express sorrow at the officer’s death. But it is clear by his vote, his actions, and his posture that his only disagreement is with the mob’s methods.

His vote on Jan. 6 clearly indicates his approval and support of their efforts. He knew the president’s claims of widespread election fraud were all lies. We know this because earlier this month he voted in favor of the certification of his own reelection.

The events of this past week have demonstrated that Green’s loyalty is not to the Constitution, or to his constituents, or even to the truth. His loyalty is to Donald Trump and to himself. He is unfit for office and should resign.

Jon Wren


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