Opinion: Garrett possesses skills, experience for 12th District school board member

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Vicki Vogt

Vicki Vogt

The 2016-2017 school year is presenting our school system with both challenges and opportunities. Our Williamson County School Board must work to protect and preserve a “Tradition of Excellence” and also manage the predictable result of success: new students and more schools. This is a pivotal time for WCS; we need to have confidence in our leadership and their collective ability to address high expectations and high growth.

Appointment of a District 12 school board representative is incredibly important. There are many considerations. As a previous D-12 board member, I have a few insights to offer. It’s a multi-faceted role. You’re called upon to be everything from an empathetic ombudsman to an executive manager.

You’re expected to wear - and seamlessly exchange - multiple hats gracefully.

Interpersonal communication and public speaking skills, local school and D-12 knowledge, community ties, volunteer service, and professional expertise are all essential to fulfilling the duties.

It’s also very important to recognize the unique composition of D-12.

Close to 80 percent of D-12 students attend K-8 in the Franklin Special School District and matriculate to Centennial High. The remaining D-12 students are zoned to attend schools which feed into Page High. Building bridges to a totally separate school district and engaging families from a partially rural area requires strong outreach. Having a working knowledge of FSSD, its culture and its educational philosophy is crucial to establishing credibility with a majority of D-12 families. Fostering trust with the more rural constituencies is contingent upon connecting to and supporting their schools.

The appointee needs to represent a large, diverse cross-section of our county. Experience within the D-12 schools and D-12 community is a pre-requisite and qualifying consideration.

I support the appointment of Nancy Nelson Garrett to the D-12 Board member seat. I first met Nancy when she served on the PTO of Centennial High and was immediately impressed by her personable demeanor.

I observed her facilitation of projects and deft ability to enlist the aid of parents. She has a contagious “can do” attitude and is a catalyst for improvement in all endeavors. I’m a fan because she’s an authentic servant leader. Plenty of people talk the talk about community investment, but she actually walks the walk.

This is a woman who founded the Friends of FSSD Schoolchildren Summer Reading Program in her spare time. Of course, her deep Williamson County roots are notable and enable her to share a first-hand alumnus perspective of WCS. She’s a highly respected 19 year resident of D-12 and has earned a reputation for integrity by staying true to her personal code of ethics.

In her professional life, Nancy employs consummate leadership and communication skills. She works in the IT/Training/Consulting realm of a professional services firm and has extensive responsibilities, including managing and motivating a team of people.

D-12 will greatly benefit from Nancy’s unique combination of experiences as a WCS alumnus, D-12 resident, parent, volunteer leader, and executive manager. She simply has the “Right Stuff” and will serve, as she always has, with honor and distinction.

Vicki Vogt,

2010-2014 District 12 School Board Representative 

Franklin, TN

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