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Letter: BOMAs vote punishes law-abiding citizens

I watched the Franklin Board of Mayor and Alderman meeting on June 25 with interest. The discussion had been stirring for weeks about whether or not to allow citizens with carry permits to bring their weapons into City Hall. Vice Mayor Dana McLendon, who spearheaded the move, made a compelling argument in favor of the measure.

As a fairly new Southerner, I have been learning all kinds of new things since relocating here from the Republic of Massachusetts. Among the most important things that I have learned is that guns are not illegal and those who are granted a carry permit are not criminals – until and only if, they break the law.

I disagree sharply with the statement that Alderman Margaret Martin made inferring that if guns were allowed in City Hall that some folks who have previously gotten mad would have used them. Carry permit holders have made a choice to adhere to gun safety rules and regulations and by and large know that the choices they make while using their weapons have consequences.

There are a lot of “what ifs” in this world, but I will tell you first hand, that I have a level of comfort in knowing that someone in my midst is licensed to carry a gun. As a former career journalist there was an ever-present danger in thinking that someone who disagreed with your opinion, coverage of a story or lack thereof, could bust through the newsroom door and take out their frustration with the weapon of choice. When I moved to Franklin, I acquired a great deal of comfort in knowing that I live in a community where there are a number of legally licensed gun owners.

While each of us is entitled to our own opinions, I, for one, am disappointed in the BOMA vote at that meeting. With the federal government becoming more and more cognizant of our personal business and limiting our rights as citizens, I expected more from my neighbors who serve this city.





Posted on: 6/27/2013


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