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Letter: Sarcasm aside, handgun bans dont work

Thanks for the sarcasm.  In plain language, I have a carry permit which the state issued after I met the requirements including the training course. I don’t claim to be a badass nor a Clint Eastwood clone. I simply believe that the responsibility for protecting my family and my person falls first on my shoulders, the police as well trained as you may believe them to be (speaking of badass Clint Eastwood clones) they can’t be everywhere and I choose not to be a victim. If I am allowed to legally carry a firearm for my protection why do I need to leave it home when I visit city hall.

I suggest that you take the course required to obtain a carry permit, even though you never plan to own or carry a handgun. Perhaps it will give you a little more accurate insight into the minds of all the permit holders that you seem to place into a crazy cowboy group.

One last thing, those with violent intentions are seldom discouraged by handgun bans.



Spring Hill

Posted on: 6/27/2013


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