Personal training has been my profession for 15 years. 

I initially started doing personal training after the advice of one of my best friends. When we both had finished playing college football, we would meet after work at the YMCA three to four times a week. He constantly asked where I was coming from with workouts and I then realized I was the one coming up with all the workouts. 

Not long after that, I got my first PT certification, moved to Washington, D.C., and then started doing personal training full time. Through the years, I have worked in several different aspects of fitness, from working at a commercial gym to one-on-one studio gym to to boxing clubs. 

With past experiences as these, I started my own personal training business with the name Garage Fit. 

Garage Fit is a mobile personal training business that will meet you wherever you are — your home, the gym, the park or the garage to provide your fitness needs. 

The health benefits clients receive are vast, as the workouts help reduce the risks of heart attack and stroke, reduce inflammation, trigger the growth of new brain cells and help treat and prevent depression.

The biggest misconceptions about personal training is most folk think all we do is tell people to work out, do this exercise, lift this weight, hit this bag, run that hill, do two more reps. But a true personal trainer has to be all of that plus a little more.

We are doctors on days clients are hurting, marriage counselors when they are struggling, etc. We have to be ready for changes at any given time, whether it’s physical or mental, because it is my job to make them feel better as a person when I leave.

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