The Official Trailer for Raising Buchanan, a comedy from writer-director Bruce Dellis. Produced by Joe Gruberman and Amanda Melby.

Starring René Auberjonois, Amanda Melby, Cathy Shim, Terence Bernie Hines, Robert Ben Garant, M. Emmet Walsh.

Additional cast: Jennifer Pfalzgraff, Steve Briscoe, Shelly Boucher, Lynnette LA Brown, Laura Durant, Shannon Whirry, Max Bullis, Zoë Yeoman, Dustin James Leighton, Saylor Billings, John Batchan, Bruce Nelson, Kane Black, Kyle Sorrell, Ted Raymond, Howie Johnson, A.J. Jarrell, Kim Lavelle, Tucker and Ford Myers, Dirk Fenstermacher.

Director Photography: Bret Kalmbach, Apairus Company.

Production Designer: Vicki Xericos

Costume Disigner: Nola Yergen

Production Manager: Shelly Boucher

1st AD: Phil Click

Casting Director and Co-Producer: Chadwick Struck

Co-Producer: Cathy Shim

Co-Producer: Faro Entertainment

Trailer Editor: Maggie Salmon

Aimless Woman. Reckless Plan. Worthless President.

Screenings and Awards

2019 Phoenix Film Festival - World Premiere

Winner: Best Arizona Feature, 2019 Phoenix Film Festival

Winner: Filmmaker of the Year Producer Joe Gruberman, 2019 Phoenix Film Festival

2019 Manhattan Film Festival - East Coast Premiere

Winner: Best Dramedy Feature

2019 New Haven International Indie Film Festival - Connectict Premiere

Winner: Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Role- Amanda Melby, 2019 New Haven Film Festival

Winner: Best Original Screenplay - Bruce Dellis, 2019 New Haven Film Festival

2019 Franklin International Indie Film Festival - Tennessee Premiere

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