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Currey builds on cattle, equine experience with FarmVet

Grassland’s equestrian community is one of the distinguishing characteristics of this largely rural area. Christian Currey has turned his knowledge of the horse and cattle business into a unique service that is based in Grassland, but mobile in its delivery to customers. Photo by Kerri Bartlett

As a professional on the Hunter Jumper circuit in the 1960s, Christian Currey rode with two World Cup equestrian teams on three continents before joining the family cattle business. 

In 2000, he branched out and created FarmVet, an animal health supply company that provides designer vitamins and supplements, antioxidants and dietary products for dogs, cats and horses.

Most of the company’s business deals with sport horses. 

“Generally, the horses we serve are athletes —hunter jumpers or race horses, many the caliber you would see in the Olympics or the Kentucky Derby,” said Wayne Gibson, FarmVet’s chief executive officer. 

Located on Old Hillsboro Road, FarmVet is known throughout the country for its customer service. 

In the early years, FarmVet was an Internet only supplier of animal health products.

Currey operated out of his barn on Sneed Road until he realized many of his customers, who spent most of the year traveling around the country to horse shows, preferred to deal face to face.  

“We decided to take our products to the horse shows,” Currey said. 

“We were received shockingly well. We started to bring horse trailers filled with equine products to other shows. Now, that’s the biggest part of the business.”

FarmVet is available just when a customer needs a product, but it goes one step further.

“If a customer wants to buy a product, we’re there, or if they have a potential [medical] issue, we send a veterinarian out and we can fill prescriptions," Currey said.

The headquarters has a fully functioning pharmacy to provide for the online, phone and mobile unit sales, Gibson said.

Currey’s decision to headquarter his company just a couple miles from his home in Williamson County “was a very lucky decision," he said. 

“I travel all over the country. This is a top 10 spot in the U.S. It’s Southern hospitality. There’s a big difference in the way the heartland operates and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, and we have become a juggernaut in animal health."

Mobile units now follow the top horse show circuits, while Internet sales and catalog phone sales continue to increase.

Early in 2010, as FarmVet began to make its mark in the animal health products industry, Currey decided, just prior to the May flood, to put all his energy into FarmVet. 

“I got out of the cattle business just before the flood or we would have been a CNN story,” Currey said. 

The cattle company trucks would have been rolling through Nashville loaded with cattle as the Cumberland crested flooding much of the city and all roads heading in and out of town.

For Currey, that was another lucky decision.

To learn more about FarmVet’s services or the 50,000 equine, canine or feline products available, go to

Posted on: 10/10/2013


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