There are more than 4,200 student-athletes who compete in 22 sports for the Williamson County Schools Sports Conference.

The WILLCO’s presented by Jackson Life is a celebration of the top student athletes in the conference who were nominated and voted upon by the principals, athletic directors and coaches.

The top three athletes comprise the 66 total athletes that will be attendance at the WILLCO’s this year. In addition to the finalists, there will be awards for the Male and Female Athletes of the Year as well as the WCS Sports Conference Coach of the Year.

The Sportsmanship of the Year, Courage Award and Sponsor of the Year are additional awards to be given. The night will be capped off with the Director’s Cup. This award is given to the school that has accumulated the most points athletically across the WCS Sports Conference.

The Conference and Director’s Cup are divided into two sections: Division I. It includes Brentwood, Centennial, Franklin, Independence, Summit and Ravenwood. The Division II group includes Fairview and Page.

This black-tie affair will be a night to remember with the WCS Sports Conference’s top athletes as the focus. The event is Thursday, May 21 at the Franklin Theatre with the Red Carpet Walk beginning at 5 p.m.

Each student athlete nominated had their invitations complete with their Golden Tickets delivered to their respective schools over the past week. Sponsors of this event include Street Tuxedo, Dr. Matt Harris, ScoreBird, Adidas, Mathews Team Sports, and Copy Solutions.


Coach of the Year – Will Hester, Ravenwood football; Barbara Campbell, Brentwood volleyball; Dennis King, Brentwood boys’ basketball.

Male Athlete of the Year – Van Jefferson, Ravenwood football; Grant Teichmann, Brentwood basketball; Joe Critchlow, Franklin football and basketball; Bryce Denton, Ravenwood baseball.

Female Athlete of the Year – Jenny Roy, Brentwood basketball and volleyball; Karlie Paschall, Ravenwood soccer; Madeline Ballard, Ravenwood track & field; Libby Sugg, Franklin softball.

Girls' cross country – Calli Coggins, Independence; Addi Coggins, Independence; Annika Sleenhof, Ravenwood.

Boys' cross country – Matt Rainey, Ravenwood; Jonathan Helton, Centennial; Colin Lamb, Page.

Volleyball – Jenny Roy, Brentwood; Lindsey Knott, Ravenwood; Ashton Peck, Page.

Boys' golf – Nolan Ray, Brentwood; Bobby Stephens, Fairview; Cameron Smith, Brentwood.

Girls' golf – Ann Catherine Blackburn, Brentwood; Haley Smith, Independence; Sarah Kleine-Kracht, Brentwood.

Girls' soccer – Karlie Paschall, Ravenwood; Ashley Weathers, Independence; Megan Henry, Page.

Boys' soccer – Tristan Lonergan, Page; Austin Baker, Franklin; Sam Knickerbocker, Ravenwood.

Football – Deon Sanders, Centennial; Joe Critchlow, Franklin; Joe Kamp, Fairview.

Cheer – Allea Billington, Page; Ellie Marquardt, Ravenwood; Savannah Vessel, Brentwood.

Dance – Mackenzie Adkins, Brentwood; Madison Young, Brentwood; Morgan Stengel, Ravenwood.

Girls' bowling – Camy Barber, Brentwood; Maddy Sherwood, Franklin; Marisa Gunthert, Centennial.

Boys' bowling – Kameron Doyle, Brentwood; Adam Mancour, Centennial; Matthew Butler, Summit.

Boys' wrestling – Tristan Roa, Brentwood; Josh Filbey, Franklin; Andrew Birchett, Page.

Girls' wrestling – Tailor Stole, Ravenwood; Jailah Grimes, Summit; Zanaya Shropshire, Independence.

Boys' basketball – Grant Teichmann, Brentwood; Jalen Lawson, Brentwood; Dylan White, Page.

Girls' basketball – Jenny Roy, Brentwood; Holly Harris, Franklin; McKinsey Marlin, Page.

Girls' tennis – Katie DeWald, Brentwood; Somer Henry, Brentwood; Julie Wasack, Ravenwood.

Boys' tennis – Isaiah Polk, Page; Lukas Barr, Independence; Sam Fischer, Brentwood.

Girls' track – Beka Fox, Page; Amber Tanner, Ravenwood; Calli Coggins, Independence.

Boys' track – Peter Leichner, Page; Emanuel Hall, Centennial; Gavin Hasty, Brentwood.

Baseball – Bryce Denton, Ravenwood; Matt Hargreaves, Franklin; Austin Yonts, Page.

Softball – Libby Sugg, Franklin; Katie McCroskey, Brentwood; Peyton Clark, Page.

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