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Football Preview: Enjoy our football season preview as the exciting time of year kicks off

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“When you are good at something, you’ll tell everyone. When you are great at something, they’ll tell you.”

— Walter Payton, former Chicago Bears running back. 

When I read that quote by the late, great Walter Payton, it made me think about the Herald’s sports team. In today’s social media world, there is a bunch of chest-beating going on to let the world know how good you are. 

We all like to brag about how we were first or the best on any given story or issue. But it’s especially nice when you hear from others about how much they appreciate your coverage and what a great sports team you have. 

In our business, parents are quick to tell us what we didn’t cover about their kid, so we find it very rewarding when we hear from random folks — folks with no kids on a team — telling us how much they enjoy our local sports coverage.

Joe Williams has been leading the team as our sports editor since 2013 and contributing to the Herald since its beginning. 

Joe racked up several awards last year for his reporting, including first place for feature writing, second place for best event/news writer and third place for sports writer of the year. Our football edition won second place overall last year and it is always one of, if not the best-read edition of the year. 

Charles Pulliam is our multimedia expert on staff. With his tweeting, videos, photography and reporting, he has a strong local following and has become somewhat of a folk hero at many schools. He wears a lot of hats on staff, works many late hours and won’t hesitate to travel if needed. 

He followed the Lipscomb University men’s basketball team to the NIT finals, giving up his annual Alaska state basketball radio broadcast gig with his dad to follow Lipscomb to the Big Apple.

Joe and Charles have assembled a solid team of writers and photographers to cover the action this year. 

I ask only — if you like what we do here, locally — to support us. Purchase a print subscription. Like us on Facebook. Sign up for our e-blast. Frequent our advertisers. 

Whatever you choose, if you like what we do, please support local community journalism. Hopefully you will read this edition and be reminded of Walter Payton — pure “Sweetness” and something everyone will talk about.

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