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Franklin’s Boone holds top spot in Fairgrounds Speedway standings

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Throughout the exceptional season that Jackson Boone and WAR Development has been having, Boone has managed to remain humble while being one of the youngest point leaders in the history of Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville.

Boone, who stepped onto the scene almost three years ago, began his journey in quarter midget racing and quickly made a name for himself. After excelling in quarter midget races, Boone hopped into a pro late model on Willie Allen’s development team and kept bettering himself until reaching where he is now, tied for points leader at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville.

“Being one of the youngest point leaders is beyond an incredible feeling. It’s humbling as well, because I used to be one of those kids in the stands with a racing T-shirt and souvenir checkered flag just wanting to see the cars go fast around the ‘big track’ at Nashville,” Boone said. “Being able to race at the fairgrounds has always been pretty sweet, but being the points leader is just the icing on the cake.” 

Even after a couple of tough losses and tire-screeching spinouts, he still maintains his aggressive mentality, sportsmanship and a winning attitude. 

Though Boone is leading in points and having a sensational season, it hasn’t always been easy. From February, Boone had a long streak of second-place finishes. But at the end of the day, he says he’s just happy to be out there behind the wheel at the fairgrounds.  

“The best part of racing at Nashville is knowing I am racing on the same surface as many of the best Cup drivers to ever run the sport,” Boone said. “It’s just incredible to think about, and I’m just blessed to be out there honestly.”  

While Boone is thrilled to be leading in points, he also is thankful that he gets to represent Williamson County, where he was born and raised. 

“It’s incredibly rewarding that I am a native of my hometown in Williamson County. I feel like I can represent the county in a positive way and I just hope I can inspire others to do the same so that we can show everyone just how great Williamson County is.”

While being the leader of anything comes with a unique kind of stress and pressure, Boone is staying composed and focused on the races at hand. 

“This season has been full of tough races, but I approach each one with the same mentality and intensity to let everyone else who is in a car on that track know that I am there to win.” 

While Boone consistently shows his tenacity and skills from the driver’s seat, he always has a great deal of respect for the competitors he faces, saying, “These drivers are the best in the country, so it’s pretty difficult to win. But it’s racing. That just comes with the task.”

Boone says that he could not do it without his amazing team. 

“I have one of the best crews out there. The support and determination they give is what keeps me going and makes it possible to have the season I’m having. My crew chief, James Buttrey, has taught me so much this year about the patient, yet aggressive style of racing that I need to use to be in this position. I’m just thankful that he’s there to help me improve and hone my skills behind that wheel.”

Boone will get a chance to score his first victory on Saturday night in the Big Machine Records 100 during Back-to-School Night at the fairgrounds. The track is offering a special $5 admission for all fans and free school supplies for kids. Gates will open at 4:30 p.m. with the first race set to start at 6.

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