Lacrosse sanctioning tabled indefinitely by TSSAA

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Lacrosse State Tournament Semifinals – Ravenwood vs. Franklin

The TSSAA voted to delay the sanctioning of lacrosse last week.

In the midst of dealing with unprecedented times in athletics, the state’s governing body for high school sports tabled the decision to sanction lacrosse indefinitely.

The TSSAA originally voted to sanction the sport for the 2021-22 school year in late 2018.

“After conducting a survey of member schools that currently offer the sport and discussions with some current coaches and officials by the state office staff, the (TSSAA Legislative) Council voted to delay the sanctioning process indefinitely to avoid the negative impact that sanctioning would have on already established teams,” the TSSAA said in a statement last week.

Boys lacrosse is currently overseen by the Tennessee Scholastic Lacrosse Association or TSLA, while the girls are administered by the Tennessee Girls Lacrosse Association or TGLA.

On social media, the TSLA said the organization will actively work with US Lacrosse to increase educations for the state’s coaches, officials and players.

“The sport has had tremendous positive growth over the last few years and we need to keep that momentum,” the TSLA tweeted. “(This) is a setback, but it is one we plan to overcome as our relationship with the state continues to evolve.”

In Williamson County, both the Ravenwood boys and girls captured state titles last year. 

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