New scoreboards illuminate education aspect at Franklin High School

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Earlier this month, Franklin High School completed the install for two new scoreboards in the main gymnasium. The vibrant ScoreVision jumbotrons installed are the first in the area and will be integrated into multiple classrooms at Franklin as well as highlight athletics at the school.

“I know some might look at this as like, ‘Oh, they have a new way to project the score,’ and we do, but it’s way more than that,” Franklin boys’ basketball coach and marketing teacher Darrin Joines said. “This is a multimedia board and it’s really limitless what we can do as an educational unit with it.”

About the product

ScoreVision is a young software company founded in 2015 and based in Omaha, Neb. The company has expanded well beyond simply selling scoreboards and aims to elevate the game-time experience in schools and sports facilities through the multimedia displays, while providing a new educational resource in schools.

“What makes our system special is that it enhances the experience both on the court and off the court,” said Benjamin Kautz, a Technical Account Manager at ScoreVision. “It gets the student body more involved and brings the community together.

“It gives schools the opportunity to really make it their own, create advertisements and bring in revenue and it allows the students to learn and utilize new skills that they couldn’t do on prior scoreboards.”

The scoreboards are obviously highlighted during games at Franklin, but can be utilized in ceremonies to movie nights. The eye-catching products are custom-made LED displays with a 6mm pixel pitch, which brings similar quality displays found at Nissan Stadium or Bridgestone Arena to Franklin High School. They are set up to be controlled on iPads at Franklin.

“Nobody in the Midstate has this board, nor will have the ability to put in their portfolio the ability to operate it, create content and experience running one of these systems,” said Williamson County Schools Athletic Director Jeremy Qualls. “That was a big thing for us. It’s not just an athletic scoreboard … It takes 18 people to run the boards at Bridgestone, that’s 18 jobs in our backyard.”

Kautz, who was part of the install crew at Franklin, said ScoreVision scoreboards have been installed throughout the country using a popcorn effect as new potential users see them. Furman University is one of the area colleges with ScoreVision products.

“The displays speak for themselves because they have this ‘wow factor,’” he said. “It’s taken off fast and really exploded. Franklin will be a beacon for this here.”

In the classroom

Franklin sophomore Isabella Weninger is a student in Joines marketing class. She helped create some of the items displayed on the new boards and debuted in a school pep rally on Nov. 1.

Weninger said she was interested in editing processes in media and was excited about helping install the first content on the new scoreboards.

“I think it’s a really cool learning experience, especially since we are the only school that has it, so that gives us pride as a student body,” she said. “Not many people know how to do this or have access to it. It’s a lot of fun learning the new technology.”

Joines’ class includes the creation of the some of the content displayed on the new scoreboards, including photos of the Franklin players that flash up after made baskets. Videos produced by Keri Thompson’s TV and film production classes have also been displayed to better highlight the students’ work.

Joines said the new products and apps used to control the boards are an exciting piece for his basketball team.

“But I think I’m more excited as a marketing teacher,” he said. “I really think one of the things we should do more in education is give students a chance to say, ‘Hey, I might like this profession,’ and let them try it.

“With these, I think there will be someone from Franklin High School to do this at a big-time professional level as a full-time job and it’s going to start right here.”

Qualls said he hopes to have more ScoreVision products installed throughout Williamson County.

“I’d like to wave a magic wand and give everyone one of these, but give credit to Franklin, they got after the fundraising and made it happen,” he said. “I really think people will come in here and appreciate these right way because they are flat-out phenomenal.

“The athletes themselves will benefit from this, but it’s so much more than that.”

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It might be just a scoreboard to many, but in reality it is much more than that. It is a digital scoreboard and it means that during games it is used as an edu birdie and a board to mention the top writers and score. After the games it can be used in multiple ways like for advertisements and announcements. The best use it can have is to be used as the screen for a movie night.

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