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Joe Biddle: NBA Hall-of-Famer plays unlikely diplomat

Dennis Rodman and North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un? Really?


Are they going to compete in Dancing with the Stars or are they the Mutt & Jeff of world diplomacy?


Dennis Rodman has about as much credibility away from basketball as the late Tiny Tim.


Rodman has a face full of steel and a brain full of mush. And he’s eating at the same trough with Kim Jong-un?


While South Korean citizens are starving to death, Rodman and KJU are living it up. Rodman was in country with the Harlem Globetrotters when he hooked up with the North Korean leader.


Memo to Rodman: You’re not Henry Kissinger. These people are not your friends. They torture and kill their own for giggles.


But Rodman fell for KJU’s hero worship hook, line and sinker. He thinks because KJU and Barack Obama share an interest in basketball it will lead to detente between the two countries.


At least the State Department had the sense to publicly criticize North Korea for eating and drinking with Rodman like the Romans of old, as its own people live an emaciated existence.


Rodman has a man crush on KJU. He called him “an amazing kid.’’ The NBA Hall-of-Famer stopped short of apologizing for Kim.


“He’s a good guy to me,’’ Rodman said. That meant Kim didn’t put Rodman in front of a firing squad. “As a person to person, he’s my friend. I don’t condone what he does.’’


That’s a humanitarian statement if I ever smelled one. Cue up Time Magazine. Rodman can be the magazine’s next Man of the Year.


Fill the goblets with Cheongju, a rice wine that will make you act like a human goofball - as if Rodman needs any help.


So Rodman is trying to hook his new BFF up with Obama. Rodman told reporters Kim wants Obama to ring him up. Rodman said Kim told him, “I don’t want to do war. I don’t want to do war.’’


The North Koreans are sitting on a powder keg with the truce between the North and South about as flimsy as a wet tissue.


The North Koreans are storing uranium. Now why do you suppose they would want to do that? Why not collect baseball cards instead?


The Globetrotters accompanied Rodman to North Korea. They are genuine world ambassadors for the sport, but unlike Rodman, they don’t stick their noses where they are not welcome.


Rodman said he intends to return to North Korea so he can “find out more what’s really going on.’’


Oh, yeah? He needs to visit one of their notorious prisons, chat up some political prisoners and break some bread with them. That is, if there’s any bread available.


Here’s what is really going on. Two weeks ago, the country activated an underground nuclear test. It was clearly meant as a warning to our country to end what the North Korean leaders consider a hostile, aggressive policy toward the North.


It could not be any tenser than it is today. And Dennis Rodman wants to play a diplomat? He’s a washed up pro basketball player who squandered millions of dollars while dancing in and out of trouble.


But if North Korea leaders truly believe Rodman is some sort of diplomatic superhero instead of a cartoon character, let them play the fools.


And if they entertain a visit from Rodman, can Jane Fonda be far behind?


Posted on: 3/5/2013


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