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Commentary by Joe Biddle: Tonights the night for Titans

 If it weren’t for bad luck, Titans quarterback Jake Locker wouldn’t have any luck at all.

Once again, Locker is on the sideline.This time it’s his right ankle. This time it’s for the remainder of the season.
Jake Locker is what you look for in an NFL quarterback. He is a football gym rat who is one of the first to arrive, the last to leave the Titans practice facility.
But if Locker continues to miss games with injuries, how long can the Titans stick with him in the future? You can be the best quarterback in the NFL, but if you are on the sidelines more than you are on the field, sooner or later your team will have to change directions.
Locker has been a quick healer, but this ankle injury (Lisfranc) is one that can take up to a year to heal. It will likely require surgery. It’s the same injury that former Titans safety Blaine Bishop had and it put him out for a season.
Titans Coach Mike Munchak says the team will wait until the season is over to evaluate Locker’s future.
Ironically, Munchak’s future is also up in the air. With owner Bud Adams’ death, the franchise will remain in the Adams’ family, at least f
or now. Adams’ son-in-law Tommy Smith has been named CEO/President of the Titans.
Smith has not been deeply involved with the franchise and doesn’t have the 50-plus years of experience that Adams had. Smith came here when Adams moved the team from Houston to Nashville, but did not stay here long before moving back to Houston. He is now in the banking business.
Bud Adams made it clear that Munchak, who has one more year on his contract, must show marked improvement this season and most people believe he meant the Titans had to make the playoffs.
Munchak certainly didn’t help his cause Sunday in an embarrassing 29-27 loss to the previously 0-8 Jaguars at LP Field. How his team reacts in tonight’s game against the Colts is big for Munchak.
The most prevalent beef I hear about Munchak is that he doesn’t seem to be a head coach that gets his teams to play with a high level of energy. It certainly appeared to be the case against Jacksonville. Munchak talked to his team all week about how dangerous the Jags were, especially considering the Titans’ win over the Jeff Fisher-coached Rams the week before and the Colts coming in four days after the Jaguars game.
Yes, a head coach’s job is to get his team ready to play, both with solid game plans and emotionally.
By nature Munchak is a nice person, maybe too nice at times. He is not a fire and brimstone coach who gets in player’s faces and showers them with profanity at a high decibel level.
It is said teams take on the personality of their head coach. If so, then the Titans need to pump themselves up every game. These are professionals. This is their job. There is no excuse for showing up flat, as they did against Jacksonville.
The Colts are going to show up on fire tonight, still burning from getting blown out by St. Louis. You can bet they know the importance of the game. They’re trying to protect an AFC South lead. If the Titans could have defeated Jacksonville, the Colts and Titans would have been tied for first place with seven games to go.
There are many questions to be answered in the future. But the Titans’ future is tonight’s game.

Posted on: 11/14/2013


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