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Indy wrestler critically injured in Huntsville match

Independence freshman wrestler Hunter Garstin suffered a critical spinal cord injury in Huntsville on Saturday.
The Franklin resident was participating in a large tournament as part of the Eagle wrestling team when the injury occurred.
Williamson County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mike Looney went to Huntsville Saturday to meet with the family and athlete.
“Hunter was awake and conscious and in good spirits.  He was obviously frightened and realizes there is a long recovery ahead,” Looney said Monday.
Garstin, participating the 31st Annual Huntsville High School Invitational event, was injured Saturday morning.  The young grappler underwent surgery at Huntsville hospital on Saturday, where doctors are still working to determine the extent of the injury, apparently to the cervical region of the spine.
The Huntsville High School community has joined in the effort, providing lodging and meals for the family.  “They have been outstanding,” said Looney.  “Yesterday they provided meals for 25 people.  Just remarkable.”
The outpouring of support from the Independence and Williamson County community has been equally strong for Garstin and the family.  The athlete’s mother, Emily, is on the staff at Pearre Creek Elementary.  Several staff members traveled to Huntsville yesterday to visit the Garstins, and a Facebook page (“Prayers for Hunter Garstin”) had exceeded 3,600 “likes” before 9 a.m. Monday.
“It’s just part of what makes this community so great,” said Looney.  “We pull together in a time of need.”

Posted on: 12/9/2013


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