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County dominates Region 6-AAA wrestling; Page qualifies four

Williamson County dominated the TSSAA Region 6-AAA wrestling championship, placing all six teams in the top ten, winning 11 of the 14 weight classes (79%) and sending 37 (67%) individuals to the state championship next week at the Ag/Expo Center.
Ravenwood led the team scoring with 193 points, winning three titles (Taylor Warren at 152, Cade Smith at 182 and Rex Shotts at 220 pounds).  The Raptors will send a total of wrestlers to the state event.
Brentwood won the most titles and will also send eight to the Ag/Expo Center, but came up short on points with 177.5.  Wins by Tristan Roa (113), Chip Brothers (120), Luke Hamilton (145), Tanner Holliman (195) and Paul Hunt (285) helped to salve the team loss.
Eight Franklin Rebels will also make the trip Friday and hopefully Saturday, to Long Lane.    Patrick Dooley took the 160-pound championship in an intense see-saw battle with Ravenwood’s Robin Klingesmith.  The title bout earned best match of the tourney honors and Dooley was named the top wrestler of the entire event.
The Cougars of Centennial set a school record by finishing fourth in the team totals (141.0 points) and qualifying seven for the state event.  Adam Fuller won the 106-pound title and a pair of brothers qualified to advance with Adam’s sibling Steven Fuller (170) joining the champion, while Tarrick Walker (182) and brother DeVonte Walker (195) also made the big dance.
Independence wound up seventh on the team list, led by 138-pound champion Robbie Allen.  Allen battled through a bloody nose in the finals against Summit’s Mark Sweeney in a classic match to take the title.  Three other Eagles also made the list to advance.
Speaking of Summit, the Spartans in thir first year in Class AAA held their own in the competition, finishing eighth overall as a team.  Working in a tough new division, Mark Sweeney (138) and Hunter Hancock (295) both will represent the county next week.
In Class A/AA, Page captured a pair of titles in their region, as Brian Lacey and Bryce Teague captured wins.  Peter Leichner and Andrew Birchett also qualified, giving the Patriots four to root for next week.  Lacey was also named Best Wrestler in the regional event.
In Division II, Brentwood Academy has qualified a county high eleven wrestlers and BGA 6 for next week’s competition.  Six wrestlers from the regionals in Division II advance, while in Division I the number is limited to four.
For the Eagles, Hunter Anderson (106), Joe Becci (113), Christian DiLucchio (120), Vance Lipsey (132), Rob Butler (138), Max Mullen (160), Sam Scruggs (170), Ryan Sealy (182), Jacob Cretin (195), Jonah Reels (220) and Tucker York (285) all have a shot at a title.  The line-up gives Brentwood Academy an opportunity to win eleven of the fourteen weight categories.
Smaller BGA still put six in the tournament, where they must compete with the larger private schools.  Kolton Grimsley (106), Cannon McCullough (120), Jonah Neuman (126), Braxton Kinney (132), Nick Savas (138) and Jake Simpson (182) will all represent the Wildcats.
The state tournament begins next Thursday at 3 p.m. with opening rounds at the Williamson County Ag/Expo Center.  The competition continues on Friday beginning at 10 a.m. with additional rounds and the finals set for Saturday at 5 p.m.
Region 6-AAA Wrestling Results
1. Adam Fuller (Centennial)
2.  Rowan Mizoury (Overton)
3.  Dillan Friesner (Independence)
4. Brandon Hassenpflug (Brentwood)
1. Tristan Roa (Brentwood)
2. Salih Musa (Overton)
3. Jack Schrader (Franklin)
4. Brady Ingram (Independence)
1. Chip Brothers (Brenwood)
2. Bewar Mohamad (Overton)
3. Kyle Lee (Franklin
4. Frank Brown (Centennial)
1. Clarence Mathis (Antioch)
2. Kue Htoo (Overton)
3. Charles Parsons (Ravenwood)
4. Estaban Remillard (Independence)
1. Christian Oron (Overton)
2. Chris Rowland (Ravenwood)
3. Jack Holloran (Franklin)
4. Mason Dobbs (McGavock)
1. Robbie Allen (Independence)
2. Mark Sweeney (Summit)
3. Drew Welch (Centennial)
4. Austin Pytleski (Franklin)
1. Luke Hamilton (Brentwood)
2. Nick Patton (Centennial)
3. Beau Badon (Dickson County)
4. Matthew Smith (McGavock)
1. Taylor Warren (Ravenwood)
2. Darius Rutland (McGavock)
3. Brodie Donegan (Dickson County)
4. Deterrious Downes (Hunters Lane)
1. Patrick Dooley (Franklin)
2. Robin Klingensmith (Ravenwood)
3. Terrell Pinkerton (Glencliff)
4. Carson Croy (Brentwood)
1. Macon Webster (Dickson County)
2. Dmitry Searle (Brentwood)
3. Alex Omessi (Ravenwood)
4. Steven Fuller (Centennial)
1. Cade Smith (Ravenwood)
2. Tarrick Walker (Centennial)
3. Gheorghe Meyer (Franklin)
4. Deby Cardona (Glencliff)
1. Tanner Holliman (Brentwood)
2. Ryan Geltch (Ravenwood)
3. Devonte Walker (Centennial)
4. Cameron Vogt (Franklin)
1. Rex Shotts (Ravenwood)
2. Josh Filbey (Franklin)
3. Bryce Bush (Antioch)
4. James Parker (Overton)
1. Paul Hunt (Brentwood)
2. Jordan Bradley (Hunters Lane)
3. Clark Robbins (McGavock)
4. Hunter Hancock (Summit)
Top Ten Team Scores
1. Ravenwood 193.0
2. Brentwood177.5
3. Franklin152.0
4. Overton141.0
5. Centennial135.0
6. McGavock 94.0
7. Independence 86.0
8. Summit 84.0
9. Dickson County 67.0
10. Antioch 64.0

Posted on: 2/10/2014


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