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The cicadas are coming! The cicadas are coming!

Every 17 years, cicadas – or “tree cricket” in Latin – emerge from the ground to buzz and whir to their hard-shelled heart’s content, which will intensify into a rhythmic crescendo this year as insects hatched in 1996 crawl out to meet the serene surroundings of Williamson County. Of hundreds of different species of cicadas, the Magicicada is expected swarm in parts of Williamson County this spring. A benevolent insect, they do not bite or sting – at worst they cause an auditory raucous. So, whether the gentle (but oh so persistent!) sounds of the insect lull you to sleep or drive you to another county, the cicadas are coming soon. 
We asked passersby on Main Street:
“What does the emergence of the 17-year cicadas mean to you?”
“They are loud and aggravating. A few years ago when they were really bad, I had to turn my music up while driving the back roads of Smyrna where my parents live.” 
Trevor Broaddus, Smyrna

“It feels like they were just here. I remember thinking when they were here 17 years ago when my son was born that they’d be back by the time he was 17. My mother from Ireland even remembers how loud they were.”

Fiona Prine, Nashville, and her mother, Mary McCreedy visting from Ireland

“They are a delicacy for the animals like horses and cattle. They will founder them. They are crunchy like potato chips for the animals. Many people think that they are a nuisance but they are part of the food chain.”
Kay Winslette, Brentwood

“I lived in the backwoods in the suburbs of Chicago and they were so loud that you couldn’t hear the person talking next to you.”

Jason Kor, Chicago

Posted on: 6/7/2013


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