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Artist journaled her observations of Franklins newest event

Tonight at the Franklin Art Scene, I'm delighted to notice our wealth of talent here in Williamson County. I think we've always had the reputation of being a crafters' town. However, it really helped me discover that we have a wonderful pool of diverse skill and art, which translates to an endless shoppers delight in downtown Franklin.

So many thoughts race through my mind. What a unique perspective to witness from the artist's eye this unforgettable evening. Moments of remarkable, quirky and heartwarming stories allowed my thoughts to soar above the interesting conversations until I found a quiet nesting place, where I settled in to hear the stories.

“Aha,” I thought to myself. “Definitely, the O'More College student,” as an eclectic young lady with a splash of purple on her black bangs slowly wandered through my show.

She must be seeking fuel for the next inspiration. She gingerly began asking, as if fearful the answer was an age-old secret.
“How'd you do that incredible resin technique?”

It's always so flattering to see my fellow artists collecting information and gaining inspiration from something I've done. 
She was trying to figure it all out, and I was happy to exchange little morsels of advice to help a developing artist. We all gain from the exchange of ideas with one another.

My favorite encounter was the two sweet ladies out on a “girl’s night.” They had reconnected after 30 years when they both attended a friend's funeral. They vowed at that funeral to get out more often after their husbands’ passing and "make life worth living again!"

Giggling like two schoolgirls, they talked about a piece to add to their collection while reminiscing and shopping. I witnessed the two ladies, and considered their transformation from pigtails and knee socks to refined women, with every silly giggle between them.

One of the most unexpected memories was a couple. I enjoyed watching them as they reviewed my art, carefully inspecting every detail and an occasional "ooh" and "ah" as the lady purveyed the collection.

It was as if I stepped into her mind and painted images from her thoughts. I love those moments when you know you've connected feeling with art.

She had seen me on a web post from the Franklin Art Scene and said to me, "You were the one artist I wanted to make sure to see. I just felt I couldn't miss this because I knew it would be great.”

She had lured her friends to the opposite end of the Franklin Art Scene map in the rain to visit me. I'm so glad she was a gift for me tonight, because isn't that what every artist desires—the absolute connection to the audience in a way that is pure, emotional and inspiring.

It is the chance to delight in being a small bird on the shoulder of each passerby. I will take away to my nest a delightful collection of memories from each visitor until we meet again at the next Franklin Art Scene. 

(Editor’s note:  Marlena Karlsson, whose work has been featured during the Art Scene, observes Franklin’s newest event from an artist’s point-of-view.)

Posted on: 9/5/2013


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