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Cupid strikes early for Martins

First Tennessee banker Zane Martin and his wife Brooke will celebrate their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple this year.

When asked how she met her husband Zane, Brooke Martin hesitates—not because she doesn’t want to give full disclosure but rather because the answer involves two moments in time.

The Martins will celebrate their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple Friday.

But Brooke recalls the first time her older brother Blake invited Zane Martin to come by the Crigger house.

Being seven years younger than Zane meant the two had little to talk about, but Brooke took note of his wit and charm

“My brother Blake and Zane were friends,” she recounted of how their paths crossed the first time.

Zane and Blake remained good friends through college, and the Crigger house was a regular hangout.

“I would kid Blake and say I’m going to marry your sister,” Zane admits.
While Blake kept Zane’s plans quiet Brooke wasn’t in the dark by any stretch.
Zane’s teasing and sarcastic wit wasn’t lost on Brooke who had her own theories.

“I think he has a little bit of a crush on me,” she recalls of her assessment during high school. Fast forward to 2011.

It was Franklin Tomorrow’s first Raise the Roof benefit at Harlinsdale Farm and Vicky Crigger and her daughter Brooke were volunteering at guest check-in.

“I was sitting with my mom at the check-in table and Zane walked up.”
Later in the evening, Brooke, who was attending Western Kentucky then, recalled how Zane asked her to stay at the party longer than she intended. The crush she considered just a high school moment seemed to have staying power.

Rather than asking her for a date right away, Zane hesitated and Brooke admits now that she grew weary of his hesitance.

“I thought, I just wish he’d ask me out or let it go.”

Zane, who by this time had established his career working with First Tennessee Bank, managed to hold his cards close.

Even Vicky Crigger, a longtime Franklin realtor, endorsed the couple. And other family friends in town were not at all in the dark about their compatability.

Longtime Franklin resident and friend to many—Eunetta Kready gave Zane a
nudge that it was time to ask this very eligible, attractive young lady for a date.

Opting for complete assurance, Zane waited until he had approval from the friend responsible for his first introduction to Brooke more than eleven years earlier.

“He called my brother and asked him ‘Would it bother you if I asked out your sister?’”

Lucky for Zane, Blake gave him the green light.

When a quick dinner before a movie turned into a two hour chat that caused them to miss the early show, Brooke and Zane were fairly certain they had a future.

“I knew right away,” Zane says emphatically.

Twelve years after meeting for the first time, and just over a year after their first “real date” Zane Martin and Brooke Crigger were married at her home church—Franklin First United Methodist, not negotiable, according to Brooke.

The happy couple will celebrate their one-year anniversary in September.

Posted on: 2/14/2014


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