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Hales practice law and love for 40 years

Attorneys Brenda and Doug Hale of Hale and Hale, PLC, celebrated their 40th anniversary this year.
Photo by Kerri Bartlett

Married for 40 years, the defining moment that solidified Doug and Brenda Hale’s relationship in love was a simple gesture on Valentine’s Day long ago.

“On Valentine’s Day in 1974, I went back to my desk [when working at a bank] – I remember it just like it was yesterday – I pulled open my drawer and saw a Valentine from Brenda,” Doug said.

“It was the first time that I can remember that a girl made a special attempt to reach out to me. It clicked, and a light went off. I didn’t seek counsel.”

“Then we started dating up a storm,” Brenda said.
Preceding the monumental Valentine’s Day letter, Doug and Brenda paused their dating relationship after being set up on a blind date in their early twenties. They ate lunch together almost everyday, working in close proximity in Nashville, and quickly got to know each other after that first date.

“Then, Doug thought that we were acting too serious and quit calling me. After the holidays, we both got busy and stopped seeing each other.”
“It took courage to send the letter. Back in 1974, you were taught to wait for the man to ask you out,” Brenda said. “I liked him, and I thought he
liked me. I thought he just needed a push.”

The couple married later the same year and went on to have three daughters and now have five grandchildren. They reside on a farm that has been in Brenda’s family for decades – Red Wing Farm – where they rise at 4 a.m., feed the chickens and prepare a full spread breakfast of eggs, biscuits and gravy.

Then arriving at work around 6 a.m., they begin their day as lawyers.

They have been practicing real estate law together for 36 years on the third floor of the First Tennessee Bank building overlooking the Public Square of downtown Franklin. They say that their vision and shared purpose for the business has strengthened their relationship over the years.

“In 40 years of marriage, we have not had lunch together less than ten times,” Brenda said.

“We wake up together, feed chickens together, work together … we are always together, and we enjoy it,” Doug said.
Doug admitted that when he met Brenda, he had no plans to get married, but building a relationship with Brenda changed that.

“She has been the perfect wife. She has exceeded every expectation that a husband could have.”

“Her high standards in business match mine. She is tenacious. She has honored our commitment together and to our children and has done it effortlessly. I am the luckiest person. What better partner in business than my wife?”
Brenda feels the same.

“He is the kindest man. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.”

“He is a man who assumes more than half of the responsibility in raising children and working. He would never let me get up in the middle of the night to feed the children. He got up with me,” Brenda said.

“Before we got married, Doug said that we would live life with gusto. I feel like we have truly done that.” 

Posted on: 2/14/2014


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