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BGA’s Upper School to present ‘The Mouse that Roared,’ a play that dates back to 1963

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BGA fall play

From left are Anna Pile, Mac Mayberry, Carter Harris and Tim Gould. 

Battle Ground Academy’s Upper School Drama Department will be presenting “The Mouse that Roared,”adapted for the stage in 1963 by Christopher Sergel, at the school’s Sondra Morris and Robert N. Moore Jr. ‘52 Center for Arts and Entrepreneurship.

Performances are set for Sept. 29 and Oct. 1 at 7 p.m. and Oct. 2 at 2 p.m. Click here for more information on tickets.

“Rehearsals for this show were fun from start to finish, and I am extremely proud of the nearly 40 talented student actors, designers and crew who helped bring it to life,” said Jenny Wallace, BGA’s Upper School Drama director. “This story is timeless, full of humor, and extremely relevant, and we are excited to share it with an audience.”

“The Mouse That Roared” is originally based on a 1955 novel by Leonard Wibberley. It was adapted into a film in 1959 starring Peter Sellers. The story was also adapted for television (1964) and radio (2003 and 2010). The play more closely follows the plot line of the original novel. 

The cast includes Tim Gould, Gabrielle Gillespie, Audrey Priddy, Claire Coco, Emmanuelle Barker, Sydney Carroll, Carter Harris, Mac Mayberry, Anna Pile, Kelsy Parker, Will Locke, Charlotte Gould, Jackson Rowley, Will Reddien, Alex Spitzer, Hays Craig, Albie Barnes, Walker Kesler, Sammy Tarkington, Colton Kephart, Willis Egan, Christian Windham, Mia Hawkersmith, Grace Rook, Lucy Bruff, and Olivia Whitley.

Plot synopsis

The tiny (3 miles by 5 miles) European Duchy of Grand Fenwick proudly retains a pre-industrial economy, dependent almost entirely on making Pinot Grand Fenwick wine. However, when a California winery makes a knockoff version, Grand Fenwick finds itself on the verge of bankruptcy. 

The prime minister decides that their only course of action is to declare war on the United States. Expecting a quick and total defeat (since their standing army is tiny and equipped with bows and arrows), the country confidently expects to rebuild itself through the generosity that the United States bestows on all its vanquished enemies (as it did for Germany through the Marshall Plan at the end of World War II). 

Landing in New York City, the Duchy's invading "army" wanders to a top secret government lab and unintentionally captures the "Quadium Bomb" (a prototype doomsday device that could destroy the world if triggered). Grand Fenwick suddenly finds itself in a situation they could never have imagined!

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