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Anderson to change role at new Parks-Village-Pilkerton

Matt Ligon to take over as managing broker

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Danny Anderson and Matt Ligon

Danny Anderson (left) and Matt Ligon

Danny Anderson, who has accumulated over 38 years of real estate experience and is the managing broker of Parks Realty on Main Street in Franklin, will step down as broker Feb. 15 and welcome Pilkerton Realtors agent Matt Ligon to the position. 

But Anderson is not leaving Parks. He will assume a new role as the director of culture and community affairs for the Parks’ Franklin office.

Pilkerton Realtors merged with Parks-Village Real Estate in January, creating Parks-Village-Pilkerton, the largest residential real estate firm in the state. Parks-Village-Pilkerton consists of more than 1,400 agents with $6.5 billion in annual sales volume. The combined firms make up 15% of Middle Tennessee’s market share, nearly twice as much as their primary competition.

Anderson and Ligon, dear friends and longtime residents of Franklin, are excited for what the future holds for themselves and the company. 

“As a family, we had a pretty rough couple of years,” Anderson said. “Our house burned down on Christmas Day 2000, and our son, Reid, faced some health issues. I just started thinking that it was time I wanted to be able to do some of the things I wanted to do. I want to travel, and my son, Reid, is having surgery in March, and I wanted to be there to help him. It seemed like the timing was right.”

Anderson is well-known by many throughout Williamson County. He first met Ligon when the latter was just 5 years old. Anderson managed a clothing store at the time called the Bennet House - Clothing for Gentlemen and Their Sons, and he helped dress Ligon “like a gentleman.” Over the years, Anderson and Ligon became respected equals and successful real estate brokers in their own rights.

Ligon is excited to take the helm of the Franklin office. He emphasized the importance of Parks’ involvement in serving the Franklin community.

“[Our goal moving forward] is to continue community involvement and to support the community,” Ligon said. 

The Franklin office hosts the Little Red Wagon food drive, which was started by two of its agents and supports GraceWorks Ministries, a Franklin nonprofit that provides a food pantry, shelter and other resources for those experiencing poverty.  

“We really try to support whatever we can,” Anderson said.

Anderson’s new role in the office will place him at the forefront of public relations, charitable work and community involvement. He will also help Ligon manage the office.

Ligon said Parks will remain committed to providing the best service to buyers while also continuing the tradition of prioritizing loyalty to and support of agents.

“We didn’t lose a single agent in the merger,” Ligon said. “[Pilkerton’s and Parks’] cultures are very much the same, very similar minded, and that’s why we did not lose agents. There’s not a whole lot to change. We just have to come together, and Danny has a great group of agents that have been welcoming to our agents and to me.”

Anderson looks forward to his beloved business’ future and its potential to improve. Ligon becoming managing broker marks a new chapter of Anderson’s life both personally and professionally.

“I think one of the greatest things, for me, is that I get to work again with one of my best friends,” Anderson said. “I think we can really take this office together to another level.”

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