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Bethesda News: Congratulations, and thank you, to local Scout Blake Whitman

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Joyce Smith, Columnist

Thought for the week: The direction of your steps and the quality of your life will be determined by the level of your service. Someone very nearby needs your help today, and the next move is yours.

The above thought for the week is just what Blake Whitman, of llege Grove, took to heart. 

He has been on a mission to always serve others, be loyal, brave and kind. His many years of being in the Boy Suts, as well as the guidance of his parents Amanda and Mark Whitman, has earned him a prestigious Eagle Sut Service Project Regnition Award. 

Blake, a member of Troop 16 in Williamson unty, reached out to Angel Heart Farm, a local nonprofit organization that serves children and families battling cancer by using equine therapy to create a beautiful farm entrance. Blakes’s mother, Angela, is an emergency room nurse at Williamson Medical Center. When she heard they were removing the Serenity Garden on the hospital premises to expand the hospital, she told Blake. He immediately thought to recycle, reuse and recreate ALL of the shrubs, flowers and trees in the hospital garden and take the beauty to another location.

Angel Heart Farm has been fortunate to have several Eagle Suts create projects for the farm, but this project was the BIGGEST undertaking one can imagine. Blake worked over 100 service hours on his project. In one day, he removed MORE THAN 75 plants, shrubs and flowers, cared for them at his home for weeks, met with two Master Gardeners — Pat Wilkerson and Sandy Schlicht — and created a plan of action. Blake assembled a team of more than 25 family members, friends, classmates and Suts to assist him in this project. When Blake was asked why he chose Angel Heart Farm for his service project, he stated, “There is NO higher calling than to serve others, and I cannot imagine a better organization to serve like Angel Heart Farm.” Tracy Kujawa, founder and director of Angel Heart Farm, remarked, “Blake is a true leader, hard worker and ALL-around incredible young man with a bright future. It has been a honor getting to know Blake.”

I can personally say that it is beautiful, as I live right across the road. Thanks, Blake, for a BEAUTIFUL entrance to Angel Heart Farm. I invite any of you to drive out to Bethesda on Byrd Lane and see this with your own eyes.

This Saturday, June 25, is the date for the annual ice cream social at Wesley Chapel U.M. Church located on Arno Road. They will begin serving grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, drinks, homemade desserts and, of urse, large varieties of homemade ice cream at 4:30 p.m. DONATIONS ONLY! Their LIVE auction will begin at 6 p.m. with Danny tton as auctioneer.

ngratulations, and best of luck, are in order for Stormy Mitchell, who recently retired from WAKM AM950 after 20 years of being with them. He was with “Trade Time” as well as sports editor during these years. He and Terry Merrill worked side by side for years broadcasting local games and tournaments for the station. We wish for him and his wife, Jill, the best of luck as he ntinues with Tom A. Promotions.

This Saturday, July 25, is the 19th year for the Blackberry Jam Festival. The founders, a former student of mine, Carol Warren, and Dale Whitehead invite you to their 100-year-old home where musicians will be performing on the front porch of this beautiful setting. This is located on Blazer Road. Gates will open at 4 p.m. with the music to begin at 4:30 p.m. and ntinue until 8:30 p.m. They have a large list of musicians who will be performing.

Our prayers ntinue to be with Kristen and Bryan Wisdom, as well as their three sons, in the recent loss of their home and ALL of their personal belongings. They are currently living in an RV at the homeplace of hers. Again, they cannot sing the praises loud enough for our volunteer fire department.

What a wonderful thing for the city of Franklin to do when they named Fourth Avenue in downtown Franklin in honor of the late Tennessee Supreme urt Justice rnelia A. “nnie” Clark. A public ceremony was held this past Tuesday. The words that Franklin Mayor Ken Moore said were VERY fitting. He said, “Justice Clark gave so much to our Franklin mmunity, and she will ALWAYS be remembered for ALL she achieved for Franklin and Tennessee.” nnie was the FIRST woman to serve as chair of the Tennessee Bar Foundation.

My apologies go out to ALL of our fathers who celebrated this past Sunday. Once again, I did not look ahead on my calendar to see that this event would be over by the time this lumn would be printed. I hope that EACH of you had a GREAT day. Some of you were able to celebrate as this was your FIRST one. Also, I am sure some of you were saddened as this was your first year without your father.

Hopefully, you have your calendar marked for Saturday, July 9. This is the date for the annual ice cream social at Ash Hill C.P. Church. They will begin serving at 4 p.m. You will be able to enjoy grilled hamburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches and hot dogs with ALL the trimmings that make them taste good, as well as homemade desserts and homemade ice cream. They will also have a funtry Store where you can purchase homemade canned goods, jams, jellies and homemade bread. They will also have a live auction with Danny tton as auctioneer.

Russell and I have really enjoyed having our son, Greg, visiting us from Hickory, North Carolina, this week. He returned home today. He was able to help us do some odds and ends jobs.

I hope you were able to see the picture of the John Maher Scholar-Athletes on the front page of the Williamson Herald who were recently honored. I want to mmend each of these young men and women on their honors, but most of all, I want to PRAISE them on the way they were dressed. They ALL looked so professional. THANKS to John for ALL he and his wife, Margie, as well as his staff, ntinue to do for our youth.

Have you marked the remaining events on your calendar? Of urse, do not forget Franklin on the Fourth. It is always an exciting day on Main Street with Battlefield Regions antiques cars on display. Also, the children’s parade is a MUST see. Saturday, July 16, you are invited to Flat Creek mmunity Center for their annual ice cream social. They will begin at 4 p.m. with their LIVE auction beginning at 6 p.m. I have not heard, but they usually have untry ham sandwiches as well as grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, drinks, homemade desserts, as well as homemade ice cream. I will try to find out before my next lumn on the 14th. July 23 is the date for Mt. Carmel C.P. Church. We will begin serving at 5 p.m. with our auction at 6. More details on it, as well as Cross Keys and Holts rner Baptist churches, on the 30th in my next lumn on the 14th. Let me know if you have other events to add to my calendar.

So many of our family and friends ntinue to be down with VID, as well as other illnesses. Please add to your prayer chain Rodney Baggett, Everett Hayes, Buck Chrisman, Diane Hood, Doris Hickman, Ruby Thorpe, Jimmy and Brenda Thompson, David Gilreath, Jean Dodd, Deborah Watson Kaylor (my niece), Kellye Giles, Gary Luther (my nephew), Ronnie and Judy Pitt, Billie Jean Lillard, Doris Pedrick, Jessica Williams Angel, Teresa Locke, Tim Kalthoff, Danny Smith, John Croft, as well as others whom I am not aware of.

We were so sorry to learn of the sudden death of Jon Duncan, of Burwood. He is the brother of Beth and Joe, as well as first usin Judy Hayes, whom he was always there to help with her late husband, Jim. Graveside services were yesterday, Wednesday, June 22, at Burwood Cemetery. Also, please add the families of John Alvin thran, father of Steve and Mike, Mariah Burke Plattsmier, Glenn Bolton Sr., Ewing Harris, Evelyn Gatlin, Ruby Crutcher White Roberts, “Shorty” Fields, Mike Carlisle, Martha Jean Walker, Detective Sgt. Barbara Lane Derricks, Anita Rodgers Ogilvie, Barbara Ann Bennett, Juanita Bailey, Brady Gardner, Richard Wade Amonette, Harry Duke Smithson, Martha Lerch Norris, Jill Stevens, as well as others.

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