William “Doc” Holladay

William “Doc” Holladay

William “Doc” Holladay

Independent candidate for Williamson County School Board, District 10

Age and occupation: 50, optometrist, songwriter and I build new construction/spec homes to sell, currently in the Columbia area

Education: Bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in chemistry from Lipscomb University (1993), Doctor of Optometry from Southern College of Optometry (1999)

Family: Wife, Rebecca, and three children, a son who is 16 and daughters aged 15 and 6

Community/civic affiliations (church, nonprofits, etc.): I work with people in recovery/struggling with addiction. I am extremely grateful to be celebrating almost 16 years of sobriety. I love to sharing the story of my journey at various treatment centers and recovery conventions, such as the recent International Doctors in AA convention in Reno, Nevada. I was also deeply humbled by the invitation to be the keynote speaker in 2019 at the Night of Recovery Celebration, hosted by the Williamson County Veterans Court and 21st District Recovery Court at the Historic Williamson County Courthouse on Franklin Public Square

Have you ever held public office? No.

Why did you decide to run for this office?

Because I am deeply concerned about what happened to our children over the past two years in particular in regard to COVID policies/masking, contact tracing and vaccination pushes, etc., and I also feel that our children are being indoctrinated with emotionally, psychologically and spiritually harmful agendas and curriculums. Our school board has taken a decidedly left turn, which is anti-American and which runs counter to the values that good, patriotic, conservative Americans stand for.  

What do you believe are the top three issues that need to be addressed in WCS?

To restore honest, patriotic education with a curriculum that promotes a profound love for freedom, the founding principles of America and the genuine understanding that we live in an exceptional and beloved nation, with the understanding that we are all simply individuals with equal moral value under God, the Constitution and the law. 

To respect and restore personal health freedom where parents, not school boards, decide what medical decisions are best for their child. 

To repair the relationship and restore trust between the parents of Williamson County and the school board and make every effort to create the transparent, responsive and parent-driven educational system that we actually want for our children.

Why are you the best candidate to serve on the school board?

Because I’m not a politician. I don’t want power over anyone, but I do want to make a difference. My life journey has given me the gifts of resilience and of knowing exactly who I am and what I stand for. I stand with those who stand for what is good. I’m honest; can’t be bought, intimidated or manipulated; and I value integrity, trustworthiness, logic and common sense very highly. If my values reflect what the voters want and they elect me, I will do exactly what I said I’ll do. My colors won’t change.

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