Bob Marsh

Odd, my comments are being deleted. Wonder why

Thanks for the tip off that Garrett is a Demo.

Always nice to have the Swiss show up. Welcome to Franklin, I think you will find Tn. and Williamson Co. a better fit than Chicago. No state income tax and not quite as much murder and corruption here.

Some Residents may be Democrats. I don't have a problem with Glen. He should stay where he is.

I have no problem with Glen and will vote for him again if he runs.

I checked the County website and didn't see anything about this. I could have missed it though. Lot of stuff there. However you can bet higher taxes are in store for us. It's growing like crazy around here but they just can't get enough money from us.

34 foot lots! you gotta be kidding me. Who are these goof balls ? This whole planning scam is just a dog and pony show.

"430-seat districtwide performing arts center" Ok what's up this this? No wonder they keep raising taxes. The County just raised our taxes 20% a couple of years ago and they want more because they say that starting pay isn't competitive. These clowns never saw a tax increase they didn't l…

Glens first mistake was to apologize. That sets in motion the slo mo character assassination that the left rolls out. To the republicans who in the end rolled over this man , F you !!!

A fat head to the end. So long and good riddance.