When does the book burning start?

Right. This show should be only between the county, the citizens and the landowners.

The realtors will make money no matter what the outcome. So they should not be


While the Dems are at it, how about adding a column on the ballot for independents that would allow people to vote for the person they wanted. It would include everyone running for what ever position.

Good luck Mark.


"Oak View Middle" would have worked just fine. And everyone would have known

where it was located.

"could be" leaves the question, will the lower ranks get this benefit or not? Could it be

a benefit only for the upper levels of state employees?

Question. If there is not an "at large suspect" does that mean there is a suspect in custody?

So, were they killed where/near the markers were?

What difference does it make who put them there ?

"dog and pony show", pretty much the definition for the political world.